Oxford Bike Week 2020: dates and call for rides

We are delighted to announce that Oxford Bike Week 2020 will be taking place on 6-14 June 2020, as part of Bike Week UK and in collaboration with Oxford Green Week.

We are organising a calendar of events and, if you would be interested in organising a ride or event, please us our contact form to send the following details by Friday 29 March 2020:

  • Does the ride (or event) have a theme?
  • Route – can be just a vague idea at this stage, with some idea of distance and time it would run for
  • Likely day/date, e.g. weekend, daytime, weekday evening etc
  • Who would lead the ride?
  • Would the ride be suitable for small children?
  • Would the ride be suitable for young children who are independent on their bikes, but who we would expect to be accompanied by responsible adult?
  • Would the start or end point have refreshments?